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The Brand was founded 2018 in Zürich. As a «metropolis of experiences» by the water, with a magnificent view of the snow-capped Alps on the horizon, Zürich offers a unique mixture of attractions – which inspired us in the creation of Jalizé.

The eternal quest for beauty and the human desire for self-adornment, to search and gradually find our own style are the driving force of fashion.

Jalizé is committed to developing contemporary fashion of the highest quality for trend-setting people while aspiring for perfection, uniqueness and sophistication.

The perfect design, of course, comes in many different guises– but only one meets our personal preferences.


It's the handmade details that distinguish premium products from all others.


Each and every detail deserves to be perfected with expertise, passion and love. We have been working passionately to achieve this – day after day.

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of Jalizé’s core values and is at the base of the brand’s identity. We recognize that the philosophy of “Sustainable Value” is at the heart of our management policies, which means that we have implemented a process to integrate social, environmental and ethical rights into our business operations.

Our business model is designed to provide our customers with the highest handmade quality products, which are made in Switzerland and Serbia in a responsible manner.

Together we are committed to raising awareness and creating a culture of responsiveness within the employees, customers and suppliers by promoting a Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy. The collaboration with different NGO`s gives us the opportunity to make the World a better place and not just take from it.

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