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Neither an abstract nor a physical place, but rather a state of mind and emotion.
Jalizé is that state; a world of the senses, that words cannot express.

Sophisticated and elegant, but also minimalist and modern, Jalizé women’s Jackets are iconic outdoor wear for your wardrobe that will never go out of fashion.


Quality is the very essence of a Jalizé jacket, made from select materials to create jackets that are peerless works of art in their own right. Boasting large, ornate buttons, striking zips or knitted sleeves, Jalizé leather jackets give women everywhere a sense of their own unique essence. The jackets are designed with boundless creativity, which Jalizé attributes to the beauty and energy of women – and their edge. Under the motto of ‘diversity’, Jalizé jackets and coats reflect every facet of female controversy. The designers work in artistic harmony to arrange furs, leather and embroidery into a fashion symphony. The jackets are products of exceptional workmanship, talent and energy, from conception to completion. Jalizé jackets combine chic elegance and glamorous extravagance, and there’s a stylish fashion icon inside every one of them.

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